The Personal Account Of Life With A Sister With Asperger Syndrome – Author: Anna Dimou

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The Personal Account Of Life With A Sister With Asperger Syndrome
– The impact of having of having a sibling with an Autism spectrum disorder

Author: Anna Dimou

The purpose of this study is to explore the potential impact of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) on typically developing siblings. My personal experience with a sister with Asperger syndrome gave me the inspiration for this paper. Through autoethnography I examine this relationship and its effect on me. Within my personal writing-stories I explore my experiences during childhood, adolescence and adulthood with my sister. As well as my thoughts about what I have gained from this experience and the future concerns I have for our relationship. In addition I discuss my personal experiences in relation to the existing literature. It is clear to see that even in the most functional families with children who are most able to cope with change, having a sibling with an ASD does change normal life occurrences. Families and the individuals that comprise them are both likely to be strengthened and strained as a result of their experience. This paper aims to broaden knowledge and understanding concerning the influence of the ASD individual on the typically development siblings. Personal implications in counselling are also provided.

Book language: English
Publishing house: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
By (author) : Anna Dimou
Number of pages:76
Published on:2017-05-08
Price:23.90 €
Keywords:Asperger syndrome, autoethnography, Counselling, siblings, autism spectrum

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